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  1. Dark RP - 08/07/17

    The following changes have been made to the server: Finally fixed all database errors. Cars have been added back to the server. Prices of cars have been adjusted, to make them slightly cheaper. A few custom jobs have been removed, due to the inactivity of their owners. If you own a custom job that has been removed, please reply to this thread to get me to add it back. Gang system has been added back to the server (any gangs you had prior to its removal should still be there). Leaderboards have been removed until further notice (it was the cause of the database errors). Online ban management has also been removed, as some elements of it are not currently working. You will still be able to view the ban system on our website, but for now it will not be updated with recent bans. Loading screen updated (will take a while to take effect). I'll be releasing another thread soon regarding where I want/feel Prime Servers should be heading in regards to how we are as a community.
  2. Friday Fun with Ghandi

    WANNA PLAY KIDS? This Friday 14th April i will be hosting a few games and stuff just to get the boat going again. WANNA PLAY A CERTAIN GAME? Comment below some games you guys would like to suggest, i already have a few lined up but open to other ideas. WANNA JOIN IN? Comment below if you are going to participate. Just need rough estimate of numbers for certain games. SEE YOU ALL SOON!! Host: Ghandi Judges: Ghandi, Crimson, Corporal
  3. Planned Changes

    Below is a list of changes we are planning to make to Prime Servers. Before making a suggestion please ensure it is not already on this list. Green indicates the change has been added, orange indicates the change is in process, and white indicates it is planned. DarkRP - Add cars back into the server. - Add a weed farmer job. - Add a money leader board to the website, which will also be accessible in-game. - Fix an issue regarding damaging gang members. - Create and moderate a new "Event Staff" rank in-game. This rank will be granted to a staff member when they are organizing an event. It will increase their prop limit up to 100 so they can build large events. - Fix a database error stopping some values being read by in-game scripts. - Add a DJ job. Forums - Add a news section to display updates. - Figure out why the f*ck the background isn't working anymore. - Add reputation icon in notification area This thread is set to change without notice, so be sure to check regularly for updates.
  4. Help

    how does one get the Trusted rank and SPAWN IN CAR DEALER
  5. Community Name Change

    What's happening, and why? So, we need a name change... and now you're probably wondering why. Currently, with the name "Prime Roleplay" we are limited to only having Roleplay servers because of the name (Would be a bit weird to have a Rust server called Prime Roleplay, wouldn't it?). Now that's not to say we are moving onto new games/gamemodes yet, as that does require some big changes that we are no ready to make yet, but this is a good start. The other main reason we are doing this is so we have a proper legal structure (which most communities lack now days). We will be re-branding to 'Prime Servers'. What does it mean for you? Essentially, not much. The main DarkRP server will stillbe called Prime Roleplay. Prime Servers is going to be the parent company to any other brands we bring out. So for example, we could bring out a mini games server, which would be called "Prime Mini Games", but the parent company would be Prime Servers.The new website will be at www.primeservers.co.uk, but we are a long way from actually getting this set-up. Once it is set-up, www.primeroleplay.co.uk will redirect everyoneto www.primeservers.co.uk. Do you agree with these changes? Tell us how you feel by voting in the poll, and also commenting why.We would appreciate any support we can get regarding this, as it is a rather big change. If you have any good ideas for the new website, feel free to leave a suggestion below!
  6. A Template For Introducting Yourself Or Saying A Farewell To Everyone. Introduction - In-Game Name: Hobbies: Favorite Games: Favorite Hobbies: Other: (Basically Everything about yourself, Sell yourself out!) Farewell Topic - In-Game Name: Reasoning Due to Leaving: (Optional) Other: (Why Are you Leaving, A Clue or something for Staff to not worry very much!) Just a Quick Note: I'd Really Appriciate IfCrimsonOrCorporalAny StaffWould Make This As A Template Or Make It Noticed.(Just so that Everybody could see the template :p)
  7. To ensure we pick the best people to staff our server we have requirements that must be met in order to apply for a staff role here at Prime Servers. None of these requirements are negotiable. The requirements are as follows: You must have at least 10 hours in-game time on our server. You must have Discord installed, and ready to use. You must be able to fluently communicate in English. Your application must have a minimum of 3 scenarios. You must be willing to sacrifice play time to help staff the server. Each section of the moderator application must be filled out to the best of your ability. Do not give one line answers to fields that require a long response. To ensure you have read this thread you must write “Corporal smells” in the ‘other comments’ section of your moderator application.