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  1. The reasons I want to become Moderator or admin is because I have never been one. Also I was never trying to desperate. I was trying just to apply because i have never applyed before. 2nd reason I want to know how you handle sits and stuff like what you do and stuff like that. Also If You know what template is never applyed so just tell me what template is I might of not remembered.
  2. Make Me admin because Iwas with a hacker on the server. I could not stop him or ban him I would take care of it but i could not. Make Me admin because I will stop trouble and hackers on server. Also Because i have never been admin and i really want to. Please accept it to be some kind of admin like super admin so i could spawn cars. ;]
  3. New job warden

    Name of suggestion: Jail warden Description of suggestion: Now we all knowthat most of the time the Cps/Swats/Mayor leaves the jail cells open and forget to close them backsince the Cp's might be busy patroling the city and the swats guarding the checkpoint but who will guard the jail cells? Plus adding this job will be will add extra protection in the pd if there is a pd raid they can help the Cp's to retaliate the raiders and keep the prisoners safe from terrorist's or eventhe mayor safe since the wardens willstayinside thepd guarding the cells. The warden cannot leave the pd evenif they were ordered to leave their job is to remain inside the pd all the time guarding the cells and the pd. How would it work? Just add new job with CPswep and the skin can be metropolice. Link to add on (if one): N/A Idk about this suggestion but it is useful tho if there are raiders constantly raiding the pd.
  4. TlM TlT Unban Appeal

    In-game name: TlM TlT Your steam ID:STEAM_0:0:43245715 Reason for ban: disrespect & prop abuse Issuing staff member: Unknown Screenshot of ban message: Plea for reversal: There is no evidence I was disrespectful to anybody, and I was called a prop abuser due to a misunderstanding while I was building a base. I am willing to roleplay on the server as always, and would greatly appreciate having my ban lifted as I enjoy my time on the server. Thank you. - TT
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  10. RTCamera's

    Name of suggestion: RTCamera Description of suggestion: A addon that allows a more advanced version of cameras How would it work? The addon allows you to display the camera footage on your screen or on a TV prop, this was in Garrys mod 12 but got removed from 13. I think this would be a good idea because you can keep a eye on your base without it covering all your screen Link to add on (if one): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106944414
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  12. Community meetings

    Name of suggestion: community meetings Description of suggestion: basicaly have meetings in ts consist of players that are non-staff too How would it work? Basicaly just pick a day and a time when held and go over some up coming changes and such. This could really bring community together and help out in the long run. Link to add on (if one): ,/A
  13. In-game name: Babushka Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:142665069 Gametracker profile link:http://www.gametracker.com/player/Mediagames/ Why should you be added as trusted?: As you can see I'm an active member of prime and done some GFX work for Melvin and willing to do more for others for free. If anyone needs any work done just let me know! I really love Prime and think it's one of the best servers out there!
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  15. Moderators

    Name of suggestion: Moderators being able to remove disconnected players props Description of suggestion: Give the moderators a new power How would it work? Idk Link to add on (if one):
  16. A Trusted App

    In-game name: MrCactus Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:144514997 Gametracker profile link: http://www.gametracker.com/player/Mr_Cactus/ Why should you be added as trusted?: I would like to become trusted so I can get precision and adv dupe 2. I am active on the server and dont break many rules
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  20. Mega suggestions

    Name of suggestion: Bus driver maybe if you think bus to big make it then taxi driver Description of suggestion: So add a car bus driver and he drives around brings people. If people want to get in a message pops up and says pay 5000 to get in. How would it work? Well people press e on bus and a message pops up pay 5000 to get in. All money goes to bus driver he can change price to. Bus needs to be fully stopped before peoplecan get in or out. Vip job Salary= 45 Link to add on (if one):N/A Name of suggestion: More printers Description of suggestion: More printers for normal and donators How would it work? So i see we have not so many printers. So why not add like 2 more for normal and 1-2 more for donators. Would make donating bit more worth. Link to add on (if one):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=176802773 take some ideas of these Name of suggestion: Bar Description of suggestion: So i see we have like jackpot system. Why not add a bar somewhere and buy drinks. How would it work? So you buy drinks from the bar dealer. And you have like 40% o double your money and 60% to lose your money. You can make alot and how expensiver how lower your chances are. Link to add on (if one): N/A Name of suggestion: Mayor son Description of suggestion: You are the son of they mayor. You do what Your dad says. You follow him everywhere How would it work? Same as mayor daughter he just follows the commands of the mayor Non vip job Salary=60 Link to add on (if one): N/A Name of suggestion: Black market dealer Description of suggestion: You sell everything to people But you are illegal. How would it work? He can sell everything but is illegal so can't just make a shop close to a populated area. He can sell medkits to and everything a heavy gundealer can. Vip+ job salary= 50 Link to add on (if one): N/A Name of suggestion: Plant grower Description of suggestion: You plant fruits and vegetables and sell them then to a npc Non vip job Salary= 40 How would it work? Well we can make like a field by the meth addict and people can claim 1 of the stands and plant then. Bit same like weed grower but then legall. Takes a bit of time until fullw grown. but you need to water it plant it and set lamps. Link to add on (if one): N:A Name of suggestion: 2 new cars Description of suggestion: Just new cars How would it work? New cars that people can buy Link to add on (if one): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=119146471 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=217264937 Thank you for reading all of my suggestions
  21. FBI job slot

    Name of suggestion:FBI job. Description of suggestion: Add a new FBI job on the server How would it work? Just add a new FBI job for the CP's, Now i know that there is alot of people playing as swats or police find it difficult to raid opbase thatpossesmeth/printer, Well with this vip job added that has a hack phone, This will make Cp's job easy and get thing's done in a swift. Hacker's are a criminal job, Soyeah i don't think they can work with the goverment which would be failrp if they do so. Now i'm ok with this being declined because personally i love trying to raid pretty op bases and try to destroy illegal entities, But if you all dont want this to be added i'm happy to see it either declined or accepted. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SUGGEST THIS YUSHKO? So i can fuck your op bases up ^-^, And let other's enjoy seeing your op bases fall or being destroyed BY THE S.A.S. Link to add on (if one):N/A.
  22. Suggestion

    Name of suggestion:Vip+ Police Car Description of suggestion:Just a car for the police to patroll How would it work?This would be vip+ Car and it would be free for swat sniper and swat leader Link to add on (if one):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=778567694&searchtext=
  23. About staff ranks

    Name of suggestion: So add some new staff ranks Description of suggestion: So would be nice to have some new staff ranks. Makes it easier to lead staff and give people promotion. Maybe not good for now but could be usefull for later. How would it work? So the new ranks that would be cool. Senior admin. These people look over staff people. If something happens they always report it to a higher staff member. They are higher then normal admin. Head-mod: Well he looks over the mods. He can mentor people to. If he thinks a moddeserves a promotion he report that to head-admin and head-admin would check if he is good enough. Maybe trail-admin: people who you trust but not trust enough to be admin. So you give them trail-admin does have more commands then mod but less then admin. I know we are not big enough but could workout cause at the moment we have so many mods and admins. Link to add on (if one): N/A If anything is unclear say it in the comments i edit it then.
  24. Melee weapons

    Name of suggestion: Melee weapons Description of suggestion: I have over 3 days of playtime now, and I haven't seen anyone (no admins or mods) having a melee weapon, I think it would be awesome to have a baseball bat, knife etc. They shouldn't be OP tho, since they're cheap to get, it could get abused. How would it work? You could buy it from a gundealer or perhaps a new job, also I was thinking about the fact my idea of mobboss getting a weapon is getting added, a melee weapon would be perfect, since mobboss is a job you can become without a vote, guns COULD get abused, so what I was thinking, a exclusive melee weapon for mobboss like this one:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=729407542&searchtext=baseball+bat. Link to add on (if one):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=597635183&searchtext=melee
  25. Radio man

    Name of suggestion: Radio MAN Description of suggestion: eh, you can buy radios and listen to someone speak / sing whos job is a radio manager or something How would it work? : you speak through a microphone and it goes to a radio which you can buy Link to add on (if one):