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  1. Daily reward suggestion

    Name of suggestion:Daily reward suggestion Description of suggestion: So since we all know that Prime is lack of player's activity some of the players may have been bored out of prime due to lack of updates or just can't bother joining prime due to lack of player's anyways, By adding this daily reward system I think some of the players from the steam group may have hope of increasing player count's by just joining the server and the Prime steam group so they can get the daily rewardand maybe few extra bonuses if thy play for over 2h daily with this implemented I think we may have higher chance of getting more player's to join our server and become NUMBER BEST RATED DARKRP SERVER( I think one day we will achieve that). How would it work? Not quite sure but i think this can be found in any gmod script websites (Won't place one cause I want everyone's opinion about this especially Crimson so yeah) Link to add on (if one): None
  2. Cripz+Bloodz leaders

    Name of suggestion: Cripz+Bloodz leaders Description of suggestion: Both of the gang leaders does not posses or own lockpick So since they both have unarrest baton it would make sense raiding the pd with a unarrest baton but the only thing they need is a lockpick. How would it work? Just add lockpick for both leaders Link to add on (if one):N/A
  3. S.W.A.T Riot

    Name of suggestion: S.W.A.T Riot Description of suggestion: A new type of S.W.A.T Job for everyone that would be used to help things like PD raids etc. How would it work? Well a SWAT job with a riot shield basically Link to add on (if one): Pretty much any on thr workshop
  4. Server Suggestion: Guest POV.

    Hey all. I understand that, you guys have been running/hosting servers for awhile, also it's worthy to note they were doing v. v. well. (40+ players most of the time) Now, don't take this as an insult but, the community/player base has been deprived and now, we sit around 10-5 players, and its kind of stale. Now, I have only been playing THIS server for around 2-3 hours (as a guest.) However, I think I have a good knowledge of DarkRP, and as a ex-host of a semi-decent server (20 players typical) I thought I could pass on some tips and try help y'all out. As of course, I do want this server to do well. Thing's I think should change for the better: The first thing I feel is damaging this server is the excess in custom jobs. Now, don't get me wrong, its a videogame, and it's made for fun. However, I have a hatred for "custom jobs" based on past experience. Now, its fine to have this "pay to succeed" motive, that will encourage people to donate and keep the server up. But, as I type this there are 15 custom jobs, all with a fuckery of weapons, tools and devices. That are SO unfair and broken to the general playerbase it is just awful. One fix is to just, reduce the mass amounts of Custom jobs, however. I feel like that will remove some of the fun. My personal suggestion would be, allow these weapons and tools to be given to only these classes. However, not on spawn. Perhaps adding a special NPC or dealer. This way, its not repetitve, and gives a sense of progression. Instead of trying to raid, and dying and really losing nothing due to the spawn just replenishing weapons. The second thing is the guest's role. Now, as a guest for this server. I will just tell you, the MOST appealing job was methcook, and I spent my first 45-50 mins cooking meth for some quick cash. However, once that became dull, I really couldn't see any other really, intriguing or unique jobs. The majortiy of them added very little incentive, and I really felt obligued to just pick a CP or SWAT role, as its varied and different. My personal suggestion is, add some unique "gang" jobs, potentially a set of gangsters or specific mafia's etc. This will give an incentive to base up with others (loyalty) as well as creating factions, sides and a more unique experience. My final nit-pick would just be, the admins/operators. This is in no-way a personal attack on ANYONE, infact, all the people I encountered were extremely funny, cool and polite. Its just, the "staff of duty" role's need to just learn when to, and not interfere. It really ruined some of my moments to have a combine elite fly in and poke around. I know this is FAR more small in terms of an issue, I just would prefer to have staff only flag on, when theres a problem arising. Not just interupting RP. Small Conclusion: Sorry this was kinda, just me slating the server. Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy the server, and like I said, wish it will thrive again. I just, can't look past some of these issues and, I feel like players who just join will have a similear experience as me. Anyway, thanks for reading. Have a great day ^.- -Matt (thysponge55)
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  10. Toast's Ban Appeal

    In-game name: Toast Your steam ID: STEAM_0:1:29580598 Reason for ban: "Mass violation of staff regulations rules" Issuing staff member: Crimson L Screenshot of ban message: http://imgur.com/a/nAPl3 Plea for reversal: When I got banned, as far as I was aware it was because I made suggestions on another server that were similar to ones that Prime had. I was not trying to cause harm or steal ideas, I even said I would remove it if it was not liked. I've never tried to cause harm on any server or community and would like to possibly be unbanned on my forums account as well and the Discord.
  11. In-game name: DezDekke Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:190507877 Gametracker profile link:http://www.gametracker.com/player/Dezdekke/ Why should you be added as trusted?: I like being on the server, I am still a noob i know and i will break (small) rules because i don't know anything yet but I'm learning and this server makes it fun
  12. KnightRaven Ban Appeal

    ================================================================== In-game name ================================================================== KnightRaven ================================================================== Your steam ID ================================================================== STEAM_0:1:124957448 ================================================================== Reason for ban ================================================================== Mass violation of rule 2.1(RDM)+5.1(CP)+4.1(Raid Timer) ================================================================== Issuing staff member ================================================================== Yushko ================================================================== Screenshot of ban message: ================================================================== Plea for reversal: The reason I would like this ban to be reversed is because I feel I was unfairly banned. I have waited a long period of time before making this reversal plea because I felt unwelcome on the server. Just before I was banned I felt as if I was being followed (spectated) by an admin and also another player who did not like me. I won’t mention the name of the player involved but the admin spectating me was Yushko. This suspicion was confirmed when I was teleported and had a list of things I had done read to me. A few of the things listed to me were part of owner related events (raid timer and CP) where I was told NLR and raid timer didn’t apply and that I could use SWAT abilities in order to attempt to break in. The owner and co_owner clarified this when I asked yet these things were still added to my ban even though I explained. I am also pretty certain even if I did break all the rules I supposedly did it would not warrant a perma-ban (which is another reason I have waited a month in order to make a plea reversal, this has been deemed a fair amount of time for the rules I actually broke (which was RDMx2 which I did simply to prove my suspicion that I was being spectated). I have been banned a total of five times from the server and I understand if this ban reversal is rejected. I would also like to clear up that I have not asked any players to ask for my un-ban while on the server, although I have jokingly asked a few admins to un-ban me which obviously they didn’t as it would be abuse of power. I very much enjoy prime, it has been my favorite server and I have played it for days and days of in-game time over a period of months. I built a strong relationship with many players both good and bad and bought VIP+ so I could help support the existence of the server. I know I have said this before but just before my ban I asked the owner how much certain items on the server would cost for a custom job because I was pricing up a list for another donation to further support the server. I hope this plea for ban reversal gets fair consideration before being accepted/rejected and I understand completely if I am no longer welcome back into the community. Also, if I don't get a chance to say so in game, Merry Christmas everyone!!
  13. In-game name: MrCactus Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:144514997 Gametracker profile link: https://www.gametracker.com/player/Mr_Cactus/ Why should you be added as trusted?: I should be trusted because i don'tbreak rules often and i plan to but time into this server because of how much fun i have had in the past 12 hours also i have base dupes on the duplicator which i can use to base
  14. Unban Request

    In-game name: Abzhaul ____________________________________________________ Your steam ID: STEAM_0:0:172119387 ____________________________________________________ Reason for ban: Mass Violation of rules - 2.1(RDM)x2, 2.7(Props) ____________________________________________________ Issuing staff member: Ban Message doesn't say, but @Flickytold me himself that he banned me. ____________________________________________________ Screenshot of ban message: Tried, but game wont let me. I don't know why, but people in game can take a picture when I'm trying to join, if it helps. ____________________________________________________ Plea for reversal: So what happened was, I was raiding the PD, and outside the mayor was standing, I killed him and he reported RDM, the admins said that it wasn't RDM and let me go. Now, after that, i see @Sczheny playing with a Storefront_template without Gravity enabled, I think to myself:"Ohok, if he can do that, then so can i!" I know that whatI thought was REALLY stupid, but I didn't think about it right there and should at least have been given a warning or jail. After 20-30 seconds whenI'm playing with it, I get banned. No Warning, no Message, no Sit, Boom. I get banned, I haven't been informed for the reason of the ban, other then the ban message itself. ____________________________________________________ I need at least only a jail, warning or 24h ban forthe props. it's the mostreasonably answer, I can think of. "Merry 11th December!" ____________________________________________________ Your Friend East Side ____________________________________________________ (PS: A week is way too much for 2rules broken, in my opinion. Flicky as you told me, it sounds like you dealt with your own situation, and yes not "sit". This is my own opinion and don't know if it's right or wrong.)
  15. In-game name: YourBro, Monokuma at some times. Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:174686848 Gametracker profile link:http://www.gametracker.com/player/YourBro/ Why should you be added as trusted?: I have been on the server for three months, was most active until I grew a bit tired from G-Mod and have never abused the tools before when I was trusted. I am friendly to most people of the server and have not been jailed/punished for a month now. This shows that I have grew tired of my immatureways of server harm.
  16. Game tracker:http://www.gametracker.com/player/Forest/ Steam ID:76561198306726863 Name: Forest How long have i been playing on prime server: 19 hours Why should i be trusted: I been on the old server this is my fav server i always have fun on the server this been best RP i been on i would love to makemy building better and i want help out with other players. Have A Nice Day!
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  19. Damage to gang members

    Name of suggestion: Damage to gang members Description of suggestion: Adding the ability for damage to gang members to be toggled by a certain rank in the gang How would it work? atm the moment you cant do damage to gang members, so the leader could change this in the gang menu Link to add on (if one):
  20. Trusted app

    In-game name: Boo Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:190399591 Gametracker profile link: http://www.gametracker.com/player/boo/ Why should you be added as trusted?: I think i should get trusted since this is one of the best servers i have played in a while so i wouldn't break any rules and i'm not going to lie i kinda want some cool bases that i have on my advanced dupe.
  21. In-game name: Igor The Pleb Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:63218651 Gametracker profile link: I will put some screenshots instead to prove my playtime. First picture has been made before the server restarted and the second one after it restarted.(I don't know if the first one proves anything but it's the only one that I got before the server restarted) Why should you be added as trusted?:I'm clearly not a minge because my only punishments has been for rdm (jail) (when someone disrespects me sometimes I get), I got jailed once for demoting a cop (I didn't know that he could place a warrant on me for what I said in the /advert and I demoted him), and got banned for 1 day (1.6). I've made 2 bug reports for 4 props that exploded when you shot them, If I wouldn't have been a trustworthy person I wouldn't have told anybody and I would have used them to harm the server or protect my base and I think that because of this I am precision-tool+advenced-dublicator-worthy person.
  22. Trusted Application

    In-game name: Copper Top PE Steam ID:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198104204645/ Gametracker profile link:http://www.gametracker.com/cha_r_ley/ Why should you be added as trusted?: As though ive only been on the server for a small period of time I both already favor it a lot and see myself dedicated to continuous joining of it as its vast range of jobs and very polite admins welcomes me enough to want to come back (alot!).
  23. Jay

    Jay's Trusted Application In-game name: Jay⊠ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82097883 Gametracker profile link: http://www.gametracker.com/player/Jay%E2%8A%A0/ I am aware that on my Gametracker profile it says i have only played for 300 minutes, so here is a screenshot showing my ingame playtime. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=804411598 (UPDATED PLAYTIME AS LIMIT WENT UP FROM 8HRS TO 12HRS) Why should you be added as trusted?: I think i should become trusted as i try not to break any rules by reading the rules at least once a week, i report any bugs or if anyone is in the wrong in game with the @ and overall have a great time on the server. I am polite to all admins as they are to me. I hope you enjoyed reading my application, dont forget to look at my ingame screenshot for my playtime! Thanks!
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