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  1. hi

    welcome, enjoy your stay friend =>
  2. Make Jay Moderator!

    Yet again, follow this template bro until you follow it, you WILL NOT become a moderator.
  3. Dark RP - 29/06/17

    Nice job dad, keep the updates rolling =>
  4. Dark RP - 27/06/17

    Brilliant job as ever, i'm personally looking forward to seeing how AWarn plays out on the server
  5. New Guns For Gun Dealers

    as yushko said, the vector is op, so i have removed it from the list, thanks for the support tho =>
  6. New Guns For Gun Dealers

    Thanks for the input, list has been adjusted to remove those guns =>
  7. New Guns For Gun Dealers

    As promised, my new leaf in terms of the forums starts now, with a suggestion regarding the addition of some new MK9 weapons to the regular/heavy gun dealers Name of suggestion: New MK9 Weapons for selling Description of suggestion: I believe that, to make prime stand out from the other dark RP servers we need new additions, one of which should be this, the gun dealers should be able to sell more guns, specifically SMG's than they currently can, although i don't expect every gun to be added, if this suggestion is accepted, you can choose from the list below, i compiled of a few guns that just have not been given to dealers to sell How would it work? Pick from the following list, several new guns and add them to the gun dealer's arsenal, if i put one that is already implemented, let me know and i will remove it from the list. PISTOLS P08 Luger REVOLVERS Model 3 Russian Model 500 Model 627 Raging Bull Remington 1858 SUB MACHINE GUNS Magpul PDR MP7 Sten Tommy gun Uzi HEAVY MACHINE GUNS ARES SHRIKE Link to add on (if one): N/A, just use the already existing MK9 Packs, all guns listed are in wither small arms, heavy weapons or assault rifles.
  8. New job warden

    np, i do like the idea, but i personally just think it needs a slight tweak.
  9. New SWAT Job

    Nice suggestion, but i think this would be OP, + First, the idea of a counter Custom Job Cop, really appeals to me, since i love to play as police, but a certain admin, who paid 200+ quid keeps raiding PD and ruining the fun, just joking, i love you really baid. so yes, in that regard an anti custom job cop does work - But, 200 HP, 200 Armour? that is ridiculous, imagine a group of guys join prime for the first time, play as terrorists and raid the PD, only to find an absolute behemoth standing in their way However, with the guns you have suggested, i can certainly get behind this idea, and like i keep mentioning, this server needs variety, so this job, like Yushko's jail guard, fit the bill for variety, maybe just tone the HP and Armour down to 150 each, that would make this an absolutely viable job forthe server
  10. New job warden

    From personal experiences, i have 2 viewpoints on this job + First, the good. this job is a great idea in terms of adding variety, which in my opinion the server needs, and this job does fit the bill of a new Police job, which freeman for example had proposed with the riot police, so in that regard, i would definitely like to see this job added, BUT - Who would actually join prime and think, "you know what? i want to sit and guard a jail" in that regard i think it could be tweaked to fit the growing nature of the server. Now, i propose that instead of a job that just sits in the jail and guards the cells, you have a job that doubles up as a jail guard, for example, maybe the already implemented guard job could be remade to fit this criteria ( i know that sounds s**t, but i'm just pitching ideas) I hope you take this constructively, as personally i do love the idea of a jail guard. Overall, i would + Rep this, on the condition that it is tweaked for prime's circumstances a bit
  11. S.W.A.T Riot

    + The server definitely needs variation, to go with the new revived aspect + There should definitely be updates for the police side if criminals are getting new jobs (meth dealer i think is one) When he gets round to adding jobs in, i could definitely see this job added Good Suggestion Overall
  12. Owl's Nest [New Order]

    Ty daddy
  13. Owl's Nest [New Order]

    Sounds like a laugh Name: Billy Gamete: like 4+ days or something Money 1.5 Mil. Was more but I bought 3 mils worth of guns Reason: who doesn't want an edgy meme lord in their clan? (Media is not as edgy as me) I also love you like a dad.
  14. Good suggestions

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