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The Freeman

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  1. Happy birthday Crimson!

    Happy Bday Crimson You can now find a girlfriend and start a family Also you can now drive a car x Dso Have fun
  2. Daily reward suggestion

    +REP I was thinking this one too But you made it sound better so Big +REP -The Freeman
  3. Dark RP - 29/06/17

    This is my wet dream boys Good job Dude!
  4. Happy Birthday Prime Roleplay!

    Happy Birthday Prime!
  5. New Guns For Gun Dealers

  6. New SWAT Job

    Name of suggestion: Swat Juggernaut Description of suggestion: Defending The PD is hard against Cjobs cuz 1 or 2 DB shots and you are dead. This is where the SWAT juggernaut comes in! How would it work? SWAT juggernaut Would be 200HP and 200 armor Job. He has a LMG or a Shotgun and the normal Cop stuff! There would be a 1 juggernaut slot avaible and this would be a VIP or VIP+ job or no Your choice! He can only stay at the PD or checkpoints but cannot be used in raids beacuse that would be OP! Link to add on (if one): Playermodel would be this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=579592077 Other Comments: dunno this would be a nice counter to Cjobs when they are raiding the PD. -The Freeman
  7. New job warden

    This would be cool But 100 hp and 100 armor goes super fast when someone Shoots him once But still +Rep
  8. Rules suggestions

    I dont like this idea. i like the old rule where citizen can only use a handgun aka Pistol or a revolver But every other rule is +REP -The Freeman
  9. S.W.A.T Riot

    +Rep This sounds Neat and cool
  10. Dad is back

    Are you my mom?
  11. Ok, I don't know what this is.

    Lets make a Deal You will never put me in this thing ok? Or i will look for you I will find you And then This story is real
  12. Reverence - Gang.

    Have you ever seen a Boner?
  13. Ok, I don't know what this is.

    Best Story 2k17 12/10 Freeman Has Approved This!
  14. S.A.S

    The Freeman Has Left This Gang
  15. Reverence - Gang.

    In game name: The Freeman In game currency: 5mil What skill are you better at? I am Semi good at raiding and building but while i am building the proplimit hits like a truck. Why you think you should be apart of the gang?: Beacuse i am the only Freeman and i understand the Multiverse theory. Also Wubba Lubba Dub Dub