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  1. Happy birthday Crimson!

    Arghh you beat me Oh well Happy Birthday crimson you finnaly 18 lol. Have fun for the rest of the day.

    I want to say +1 but can't. You only have returned today so can't say much about activity or you have been changed. So staying neutral until I see more activity of you.
  3. Dark RP - 08/07/17

    Great update and nice to hear you fixed the database error, now I hope it was not for nothing so lets get this server backup
  4. Make Jay Moderator!

    Its feels like you not even trying to do something. Second time we need to say use template and also saying you were never a moderator isn't really a good reason.
  5. TlM TlT Unban Appeal

    Now we don't need to have proof, if we have seen it then thats all we need. We not all gonna record everything we do. If you have proof of you not breaking rules go ahead. I can watch 3 hour videos I don't mind. So until proven inoccent your ban will stay.
  6. Dark RP - 27/06/17

    Nice its getting there, thse updates will help allot
  7. Crimsons mask!

    Thanks for that lol, I forgot about that
  8. Server Suggestion: Guest POV.

    1. I do get the point there some good custom jobs that are OP. I like the idea for doing an NPC like that. I +1 that so people have more ways to spend money to. 2. More jobs are being added, some staff have made some suggestion gangs jobs are being added more other jobs like miner and Weed dealer is normally being added. Crimson is the only one working on thosr stuff so bear in mind it takes some time before everything is getting added. 3. That stuff will be sorted once we getting the playerbase right now some admins are bored and just fly but we will make sure to be cloaked all time. Thanks for the suggestions, if you have any more suggestions like jobs or other stuff feel free to do so.
  9. Adam's CV

    Very good app but low playtime Improve playtime and I +1 Neutral for now
  10. Reverence - Gang.

    In game name: NoiseStorm In game currency: 9 mill What skill are you better at?: (Building, raiding) Raiding and a bit of building Why you think you should be apart of the gang?: I want to be in the best of the best, cause I am good lol.
  11. Owl's Nest [New Order]

    Great all gangs getting revived
  12. My resignation and farewell

    Oh well sad to see you go, thanks for everything Yushko and good luck
  13. Friday Fun with Ghandi

    I try my best to come
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