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  1. Dark RP - 08/07/17

  2. hi

    Lecton4SuperAdmin 2k17 It is I, el tango's retarded brother, enjoy your stay
  3. Make Jay Moderator!

    I'd suggest giving this a read, along with following the Template and Requirements.
  4. Dark RP - 29/06/17

    fap fap fap, yes daddi, more updates please Good job fam, cant wait until I return one day
  5. Dark RP - 27/06/17

    sexi, good job bby
  6. New job warden

    Just become a CP, /job Jail Warden, ez pz.
  7. New Guns For Gun Dealers

    Vectors fire rate is waaaay to OP to sell as a normal weapon, maybe as a perm weapon and it'll cost like 40 Million IGM. I feel as if this could help the server so a big +support
  8. S.W.A.T Riot

    Just add Riot shields to the actual S.W.A.T jobs like they would have anyways, no need to create a new job.
  9. IRL photos

    It's not mine, some random kids hat. My friends stole it from him and yeah, it's pretty much gone forever now.
  10. IRL photos

    Old picture but still. Don't roast my ears when noone has ever seen an irl picture of you. No, I'm not stoned on this picture.
  11. IRL photos

    Haha fuck off you cunt, you look like a used vegetable.
  12. IRL photos

  13. Forum unban appeal V2

    @Crimson LPlease lock this
  14. Reverence - Gang.

    Artwork by: Arian
  15. Ok, I don't know what this is.

    You'll be in the next one