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  1. Happy birthday Crimson!

    Let's congratulate Crimson, thank him for bringing us together in this community,and wish him a happy birthday! Ma nigga, have fun getting shitfaced!
  2. make Jay for admin!

    So, it's pretty clear you don't know what you're doing, lol. Let me clear things up for you and let me give some tips. First of all, use the template (exactly what Remiix said). Second, this is a moderator application. It means that you start of as a moderator, you don't immediately get to admin. Also, we need to see if you are worthy of bieng promoted to admin (implying you have been accepted as a moderator). Third, do not be desperate. Desperation is a common mistake done by many people because they feel as if they are bieng neglected or forgotten. Desperation from people has led staff members to not support these people because they feel like they are immature (I learned this from experience). Fourth, your reasons should make sense. Don't say things like you want to be a staff because you want to teleport or spawn cars or because you have never been a staff. These sort of reasons make us believe you are not ready.Rather than that, you should give reasons such as "I am an active player, which has been noticed by some staff members, and because I am active I see people breaking rules. I would like to be staff to help out the server, overall, and be able to help out any players who are seeking for help". There are some reasons that could help you and other people out a lot, but you should stick with these for now. I might make a thread helping new players to apply for mod. Anyway, I hope this has helped you.
  3. Dark RP - 27/06/17

    Good job, dude. Things will go smooth and perfectly if there are constant updates!
  4. New Guns For Gun Dealers

    -Rep. For experiencedplayers, this is clearly obvious that half of the weapons you mentioned are OP as fuck. The other half won't really make a difference, in my opinion.
  5. New SWAT Job

    Thread locked. This has already been suggested by Sczheny and Yushko.
  6. Forum unban appeal V2

    Thread locked. Alexx, this going no where. I still believe you can get through this, but you have to do as I said before.
  7. Forum unban appeal V2

    Alexx, you still don't get it. Look, if someone said a mistake about you, correct them in a good manner and don't joke about it. I don't why you said "lmao"after saying your parents split up. This makes us assume it is not real. Now I am not saying that we saidit's fake, but if it is true, that is fucked up and I hope you the best. The problem is, kids don't understand how to act mature and polite, and you act like one so some of us assume you are immature.I am not saying I am a grown man, but I know when and how to act. Because of this, we feel hesitant to unban you. Since you probably won't understand how you act immature, let me show you. Like I said before, lmao in a sentence which is supposed to be emotional is immature. Also "if this is the shit I get I don't know why I bother" is immature. Why? Because you don't want to understand us. People are giving reasons why they don't want you here and you let it happen? If they are wrong, don't play the victim card, give them the reason why they are wrong. If they are being impolite or rude, tell them they are and show them they are. Unless you act immature and unreasonable, I will stick with you.
  8. Forum unban appeal V2

    Reconsider when you bash people? I don't think you have grasped the meaning of an unban appeal. Now I didn't expect this from you, and I have to say it is rather disappointing. Just like Yushko said, you are saying this as if you haven't done anything. You aren't supposed to bash anyone, you are supposed to give reasons to why you think you should be unbanned, at least try to make us sympathize with you. I was going to stand beside you since I thought you were being a little mature asking for forgiveness and being reasonable, but this just seems like a fucking joke. Next time, take your time on your topics, I swear people would appreciate it more and would support you more if you took time thinking about it. I am not attacking you, this is a constructive criticism.
  9. Suggestion

    Thread locked. This has already been suggested by @Rick Grimes.
  10. Forum unban appeal

    What Alexxx did was wrong, but I am with Shiftey on this one. Multiple staff members have backstabbed us, yet we have forgiven them. I believe we should unban Alexx and see where it goes from there. After what he did, Ibelieve Alexx is very immature, so I think he should be watched after he has been unbanned.
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  13. My resignation and farewell

    Damn dude. I never thought it would come down to this. I remember all those silly shit we used to do on the server, lol. I remember how we used to raid and base together. It was amazing having you as a staff member, and I hope you the best of luck in your future my friend.
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  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password