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  1. Daily reward suggestion

    While I don't think it will cause many people to stay on the server, I don't see how it could do any harm. Will add this when I get the chance. Accepted
  2. Happy birthday Crimson!

    Thanks for the wishes ladies
  3. Dark RP - 08/07/17

    Did you even read the post?
  4. Cripz+Bloodz leaders

    Accepted Will add a lock pick and an un-arrest baton for both jobs.
  5. Dark RP - 08/07/17

    Aye, we have got no obstacles in the way now. Not going to be easy, but this update should help.
  6. Dark RP - 08/07/17

    The following changes have been made to the server: Finally fixed all database errors. Cars have been added back to the server. Prices of cars have been adjusted, to make them slightly cheaper. A few custom jobs have been removed, due to the inactivity of their owners. If you own a custom job that has been removed, please reply to this thread to get me to add it back. Gang system has been added back to the server (any gangs you had prior to its removal should still be there). Leaderboards have been removed until further notice (it was the cause of the database errors). Online ban management has also been removed, as some elements of it are not currently working. You will still be able to view the ban system on our website, but for now it will not be updated with recent bans. Loading screen updated (will take a while to take effect). I'll be releasing another thread soon regarding where I want/feel Prime Servers should be heading in regards to how we are as a community.
  7. Make Jay Moderator!

    Declined Please use the template, otherwise we cannot process this application.
  8. make Jay for admin!

    Thanks for applying @Real Jay1. Asstated by others, you'll need to use the template if you want to apply for moderator. Feel free to re-apply when ever you want. Declined
  9. Dark RP - 29/06/17

    The following changes have been made to the server: AWarn has been added - we will be changing the way situations and punishments are handed out over coming days. Added a weed growing system. Once you have made a batch ofmarijuana you can go to the weed dealer located near spawn & meth addict. I plan you add drugs you can consume for fun as well (this will be a separate job). Added leaders to the Bloodz and Cripz gangs. They are accessible to everyone, but must be voted in. Changed the server title to accompany the changes, in hopes of gathering more players. What's next? Fix the car dealer. Ability to buy permanent weapons with in-game money. Add more permanent weapons to the donation page. Fix the gang system (god knows what broke it).
  10. New job warden

    In honesty, I don't plan to change the map anytime soon, if ever. It creates too much uncertainty for the community because players might not join. Thank you for the suggestion @Yushko. Declined
  11. S.W.A.T Riot

    I think the only issue with giving every S.W.A.T the riot shield is that it might make them too over powered. I kind of like the idea of having a separate job for this. I'll decide how I'm going to implement it when I get around to adding it. Thanks for the suggestion @baid. Accepted
  12. New job warden

    I think the jail is a little small to have a dedicated job to work in. Plus only prisons have wardens, and this is just a jail. I do want to add more jobs for normal users, but I'm not sure if it has enough uses.
  13. New Guns For Gun Dealers

    I don't mind adding these weapons, but as @A Random Caucasianhas mentioned, they are really over powered. If they are added I'll need to adjust their stats beforehand.
  14. TlM TlT Unban Appeal

    TlM TlT, I think we both know you was being a minge yesterday. As funny as some of it may have been, when put into a lighthearted context, it was still a breach of many rules we have in place. I do not believe you when you say things such as those adverts were directed at yourself - I think it's quite apparent you were just trying to have a laugh with some dark humour. I appreciate you have apologised for your actions, but they will still have consequences. I have faith in the abilities of my staff members to deal with situations correctly, and I feel they have done just that in this case. You will remain banned, but I will reduce your ban to a week. If you decide to return after this period you will be on thin ice until you can show us you'll be willing to play as intended. Declined
  15. Dark RP - 27/06/17

    The following changes have been made to the community: Staff list updated to account for staff members that have become inactive. You can now go third person by pressing F8. Pretty much every script on DarkRP has been updated to the latest version. Added Bloodz & Cripz jobs (will add leaders to them after next restart). Forum Rules updated. DarkRP rules updated. AWarn to be added after next restart. More updates to come over coming days. I'm hoping to have new content ready daily. Some of these things have been on the server before today, but wanted to log it was added because of my mild ocd.